Me still haven’t gotten my first smartphone, was aiming Samsung even liking Galaxy Note II now because of the slogan: Be Creative, totally suits my image lolz just kidding. 5.5inch it allows me to doodle and sketch on my phone, this is an attractive point to me. =]

The launching was great even showed us how’s does the whole thing works, the Air View, Easy clips which allows you to do outline instantly, they even enhanced the writing method instead of just typing, Photo Note shows you the clips you wanna attach this makes me easy to do tracing and Quick Command!!

Deborah Henry in the Show Talk

 Introducing the New S Pen



Here, they got Ernest Zacharevic to be one of their ambassadors, #gasp!! The talented one, bet you know about the Penang’s Streets wall!! He’s amazing seriously, Samsung got the right person to show how’s the Note II can do doodling.

Showed his talent during the show, on the spot using Samsung Galaxy Note II!! Toldcha he’s amazing. I gonna be amazing too to be so creative with Note II, hahaha~ please let me have one so I can scribbles and doodles everyday!!

A suitable smartphone for me to share my daily life like how they share their daily life.
I don’t know, guess I like it.

Do more in ONE

WILD SCREEN suits my WIDE FACE, me ♥ the white one!! Teeheeee… a palm size yo!!

Besides played the day’s main: Samsung Galaxy Note II
I get to experience the awesomeness of the new gadget;

Me still ….. *yay*

 Succeed to take a photo with Ernest Zacharevic. Oh no… why I looks so weirdo here!!

 With the girls

 First experience making own cupcake as well

Tadaaaa!! The outcomes is a satisfaction, it looks like a cupcake from a bakery shop cheh~ Thanks Samsung for the invite, happy playing with the gadgets and the cupcake making progress, Thanks to the organizer even provided us a great place chilling with each other after the launching and the NICE food!! Great day still although it rains.


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  1. xD your theme is so cute! But then the ads from nuffnang is the movie ‘Sinister’.. I was looking at your cute background then a sudden ghost popout by the ads freaked me up =(

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