Wookays, settle urgent important stuffs me iz now going back on track hopefully le lappy Blacksus don’t give me anymore trouble. *fingercross* Was heading back to Lowyat everyweek last month and so brought back new laptop everyweek, I know right that’s good to have new laptop using everyweek but umm~ it’s kind of tiring.

I truly can’t live without a proper blogging tools, yes ze laptop *sigh* was suffering damn much last week. You know, I can think a lot when I’m alone with I’ve a lot of wanted to do tasks but I’m not able to move on to get it done, simply gone pekcek and insomnia for whole week!! Geezues I so wana die everynight gonna stay up and sleep in da morning… Here what I did every insomnia night…

Well you should focus on the ipad position not the messy bed LOLZ now I can no need sit up playing with le ipad, lagi more convenient than using a laptop I tell you. This is what I do everyday now precisely, lay down like  boss and just flip using one only finger =____________= Lazy bum til max right? Pffftttt!!

So now, what do you wanna know about me? What updates should I do first eh? I’ve a lot of drafting but still not in da mood crappin’… MUAHAHAHAHA~ nah, like I have an interesting life actually NO. Nothing much to share about my life thou but if you wanna know about Dafuq story, I can always repeat it with tears!! #shouldhvletgo

Don’t wanna flood here with hatred but lotsa love, food and me mycamwhore teheeee!! Let me know if you’re getting bored looking at my nerdy noob faces.

Once my friend told me, le boyfie will surely bring her to Nandos when she’s emo.

Guess what, she’s one showered with love lady!! whenever I looks at her, I feels her happiness, prettiness and the true her inside. Whether you believe it or not… but a girl does really shows herself ya’ll know by how her man treat her, how her man transform her into a lovely angel or a damnit demon. #Ibelief like the wallposted yesterday on Fb

如果想要一個天使女人,就先把她當天使供在心吧。让她成为一个开心无负担的女人,男人就可以拥有无限量的幸福~ 噢耶!!p( ^ O ^ )q

Before I could transform into a happy showered with love lady *to be in relationship first!*, I’m transforming into a fatty bom bom whatever hungry ghost #shutup!! Me feels guilty everyday for eating so much!! I swear, you can’t stop see me eating… hands sure holding food or snacks every 5minute, garghhhhh~

Btw, happy because I get to eat the long craving too last week while sending the laptop back to Lowyat. Tummy almost burst we ordered a whole chicken and my fav grilled vege!! ♥

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13 thoughts on “Lazy”

  1. I haven’t been blogging for quite some time too until forget how to blog dy zzzzz you eat so much also wont become fatty boom boom lah, still thin okay so you should just eat more HAHAHA 😛

    1. Hahahaha, have to control la, can’t eat a lot will REALLY GET FAT!! T^T

      If I can eat and not getting fat then bagus la.

      Is time for you to blog ya, waiting* XD

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