Admit that I’m more a negative person, you can’t find confident in me. #truestory But everygirl dreams to have a beautiful face, nice body shape, fair and whatever they’ve got, some girls just born to be beauty. Now, I think I’m the most ugliest girl in the world and my mum agreed. Muahahahaha!! And yes, I’m a freak. *continue laughing…*

Hypogenesis? Ah~ I don’t know the word, I’m more like a retarded one, never grows. Above is what I wore during my secondary school,  15 – 17 years-old. omg I can still wear them And guess what, that’s one of my favourite matching back in that time and I used to think they looks good on me. Craps, flash back, my life was once very simple and naive but also happier.

And my mum, definitely prefer me to look like this!! She always say the sexier I wore, the uglier I’m. #sadness she’s not a modern mum, how I hope she can understand fashionista’s life although I’m not but wanted to start to be one.

Here for the fashionista wanna be, I’m trying to DIY my used-to-be-perfect-match into something youthful and cheering which more suitable for my sunshine beach girl wear. Oh yeah, can’t wait to wear it to the beach this weekend!! *yay*

To confident!!

Is nice to be me; I always want to see how far I can go, how much changes I can make in my life. Confident is the keyword. Now, daring myself to make something different; to break the rules. =D

1. I cropped the sides, back also the bottom to create the loose look
2. Grab the two side and tie it with any cloth or ribbons

Now the shorts part is even easier, I’ve made it shorter which I CAN SHOW MORE.

Are you ready for outcome? #rubeyes

Shy to show but here you go. Challenge accepted!!





Before and After. Got confident already or not?
What do you think? Do you think my DIY masterpiece success?? *chuckles*

Ahemm~ I’m a bit slow myself. I don’t recall when I’ve these “hairs” growing *blush* but definitely not during my schooling period, amazing right? I even feels relieved I’m gift to be furless during the school time when my besties start talking about their hairy experience, how they gona pluck…

“Huh, why do you need to pluck or wax it?” The 17years-old me asked. It hurts right? O___O Although they answered but I didn’t really bare in mind because I did not really see my hair growing. Hahahahahahaha~ Thanks God!! But come on, as I can’t compromise with hairy armpits since the day I know they can be plucked lol armpit is the only bushes I’m taking care of #blush

Few years later, clear-cut should be last year. A friend of mine, is a HE, threw me a question which I hesitated awhile and blushed looking at my hand. Allow it to be in Manglish: “Eh, you have got tiny hair on your hand ho??” Pfftttt~ Does it consider as mindblow-ed?

Hormone did change when one grows up, statement proofed by the question above!!

Since then I’ve start using hair removal cream fyi I’m afraid of the tearing pain so I did not dare to try waxing strips until the day I went for Veet It Off event with Nuffnang. Cool, the event was great and I had fun playing using Veet’s Waxing Strips!! *giggles*

I’m a singlet and shorts lover if you’d know me, I always headout with simple combinations; now with this tools, I can wear my favourite singlet and shorts combinations forever!!

So here a little clue on what is Veet’s Cream and Mousse formulas. Just apply and rinse in the shower – Veet can now be discreetly slipped into any beauty regime! Plus with an ultra nourishing formula, your legs are left silky smooth, with results that last up to twice as long as shaving.

Veet’s Wax strips is the ultimate solution for busy girls, smooth, simple and long lasting results that keep your legs smooth for up to 4 weeks! Btw, skin strips are designed for hair as short as 2mm, so you never have to wait for your hair to get “long enough” to wax. Just wax and go!

1. Rub the wax strip between your hands for about 5 seconds to warm the wax. *If you are waxing for a special occasion, try not to do it the night before to avoid any tell-tale redness.

2. Slowly peel the strips apart. Re-use each strip until it looses its grip.

3. Place a strip onto your skin and rub gently in the direction your hair grows from knee to ankle. *Don’t pull the wax strip outwards as this will only break the hairs.

4. While holding your skin taut, grip the bottom of the strip andpull back swiftly against the direction of the hair growth (from ankle to knee). The quicker the better! 

There’s contest running for Veet It Off Campaign, you might feels interest to join, visit the page for more details. Perhaps you are ready to Veet It Off and show us the confident in you??

Please tell me, I can haz confident in me. *smile*

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  2. Why are there so many slim girls with talent in revamping clothes? #inferior

    Lolol. Anyway, lots of luck yeah! To all of us 😀 Yea, I submitted mine just yesterday XP

  3. Woah woah woah, after seeing this post I’ve completely forgotten what I was supposed to be doing. OH WELLS KEEP SCROLLING UP AND DOWN LOOKING AT PHOTOS UNTIL I REMEMBER. 😛

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