I’m glad to be part of the big family and I appreciate that I’m still part of it. I’ve been focusing so much on my career and my life (discovering process never ends). I was once slowly give up on blogging but there’s always a reason why I’m still here: I truly enjoy recording my life. #passionate 💪

And, The Butterfly Project motivates me. 😍 Happy Birthday, Butterfly!! 🎉

Talking about The Butterfly Project 🌈 we know there will be something pastel related. Something sweet, dreamy, passionate, beauty, pretty, colorful and *awww… * Now, why I have allergic to egg, can’t deal with it!

Looking at these om-noms, OMG!! Pastries, cakes, muffins, cupcakes… here, you can definitely fix your sweet tooth at The Butterfly Project party. Feel free to bring home some candies! 🍰🍪🍫🍬🍭

The catering, the food surprised me; especially the mihun goreng and meatballs, they taste soo soooo good!!! Please reorder them again for the next event! Butterfly 4th Birthday Party was located at Hello Deer, a very cosy place just nice for 30 – 40 pax. 👍🏿

Thank you GNG Studiobook for the photobooth! They provided lotsa cute props… I felt so old for the props but I’m admiring the backdrop!! The Unicorn sweet pastel backdrop! I wanted to take a selfie there but you know, all sweet butterflies were lining up to take great pictures. Til next time…

Peekaboo~ me and my lovely girlfriends! I appreciate every parties, every events we went together, those precious moments are worth keeping. Definitely keeping these in my photobook. Thanks to GNG Photostudio once again!

It’s unboxing time! Thank you #butterflymsia and all the sponsors – some of them came in right in time *ah* I can’t wait to try them all and give them a quick review! 😍

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Girls can’t stop admiring with their goodies especially #wanderlusthings brushes. They came in two different sizes and the girls can’t decide which is more suitable. Hmm… I can’t decide either, I love both! ❤️️ Guess which is mine?

Unboxing my Butterfly tote bag, view my instagram picture here.

And this is how I boomeraged it, stepping on the chair. Hehe, ignore my yellowish pair of Converse! 🙃

It’s a limited edition Butterfly turns 4 tote bag – Tammy, mamasan designed and custom made it herself! So nice~ I’m a fan of tote bag, I love it and I’ll definitely use it! 😍

Thank you so much for the hard work and the squads that helped out. I had a wonder time catching up with the butterflies!

Once again,
Happy Birthday, Butterfly!!! 🎂
Looking forward for the next event, also the 5th birthday! xoxo

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