A proper introduction of my favourite face powder of the month – Althea Petal Velvet Powder.

Yes, Althea! They are having their very own makeup range now! I was so surprised when I received the parcel. What inside the box was so so pretty, they added in some dry flower petals and citrus. It smells so good, you have no idea, I sniffed the box for a 5 minutes before I unbox my powder. 😂

I have really sensitive and weird combination skin (let’s not mention about the pus now💔) which my entire face is really dry (idk how stress pimples stay alive). My skin peels mostly at my T-zone, cheeks and my mouth area but I can’t explain why, my eyelids are always oily? My eyeliner and mascara smudges, every time.

No. It doesn’t looks good at all when I have only eye makeup on and it smudges. Eye makeup lovers would know how I feels. 👻

Til I discover powder, last year!! #truestory

I’m not a professional makeup artist but I have been doing my own makeup since I’m 19? I started with mascara, seriously. It smudges on me for so many years but I just use whatever I had *meh* strong! 💪🏿

I tried some face powders – mostly come with colors, doubt those are translucent loose powders but I’ve never bother to discover more. Thinking that those powders will be wasted if I keep buying but not using them. OMG it will still be wasted because I don’t use them anyway #sillyme.

Then I bought a Canmake loose powder from the drugstore during my solo trip to Tokyo, 2016. Japan drugstores, you stay away from me. I uses powder almost everyday after that. You know, you just have to get the right thing at the right moment. #justsaying

Was looking for powder replacement the other day and this came right in time. Thank you so much Althea Korea!! ❤

I love how this translucent powder leaves a silky finishing touch on my eye area – my eyeliner glide on easily and it stays for longer hour. It keeps sebum production at bay without drying out the skin for a radiant and fresher look, no smudges or shiny cheeks all day. Most importantly 😍 me no cakey face.

Girls, please click here for more information – to read more about the ingredient and the way of using it etc. Loving the way they put the information altogether, the visuals are damn good – very convincing, very! It makes me want to repurchase it right now. I mean why not, I can restock more and get them for my sisters since it’s only RM16 each. Reasonable price yeah?!

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