For the duration of the exhibition from the 23rd of September to 29th September 2017, there will be a contest run for the ‘Most Creative Design’ sketched on a contest entry. The most creative entry will win a pair of Lewré from Lewré’s ‘I Love You’ collection worth more than RM3000.

For the contest mechanics, all participants will have to collect an entry form from the organizer’s booth at the event and participants will have to design their most creative shoe on the contest entry. Once the design is done, they may drop it off into the entry box at anytime during the duration of the exhibition.

Because, winning a pairs of Lewré’s ‘I Love You’ collection is the highlight of this post. I don’t want you to scroll all the way down to find it out. If ya’ll be there at Midvalley or The Gardens tomorrow, do drop by and give it a try. 🙂

As Lewré celebrates its 20th anniversary, Dato’ Lew says that the brand itself is a celebration of success, hard work and perseverance. Dato’ Lew hopes to inspire the younger generation and to remain a homegrown international market leader in the art of shoe design and bespoke creation.

I love stories especially about one’s life journey and Dato Lew’s is definitely an inspiration, makes me wonder when is the best time to do what I really wanted to do. “Do it wholeheartedly but not half-hearted. You’ll get there one day”, he said.

The Lewré Galleria will also witness the launch of Dato’ Lew’s coffee table book titled ‘Luminous Ray’ that speaks about his experiences and story in building the Lewré brand to what it is today.

This is one of my favourite paintings in the galleria. The ray of light that gave him hope and encourage him to stay strong, go further and not to give up.

Showing us the paintings, the art pieces also telling us the stories behind each of them.

Art pieces displayed include a brief write-up of its idea and inspiration when they create the pair of shoe. Dato even mentioned about the team work. Every team need a good lead thou 🙂

Among the other displays will be a craftsmen’s booth where tools of the trade are displayed as well. This includes the hand tools and shoe lasts that are used in the actual process of making a shoe.

Anything, everything sparks Dato Lew’s artsy mind as an artist. This collection is actually inspired by Forbidden City when he traveled to China. Talking about the ideas, it came from wonderful surroundings, the architecture… this one above is about the ancient door.

And this pink pairs is from the dining table, food: Siew Long Pau (dumplings). So fancy yet fascinating! I wish my piles of work can inspire me, to do something great and surprise someone every day! *smirks*

No. 1 fans of Lewre’s “I love You” collection. He really does admires his own art pieces!

Not just shoes but Dato designed a 18k Gold plated high heels vase earlier, in conjunction of International Women’s Day. Guys, if your wife or girlfriend’s birthday is approaching, you may take this into consideration. You won’t want your rose to end up in the rubbish bin, don’cha. They provide engravement service on this vase too.

Dato Lew has a very young heart, he’s cheerful, positive also a down-to-earth person. He don’t mind sharing his own journey and his way to succeed; he even showed us how to sketch. How a simple stroke leads to a wonderful masterpiece. So do one’s life.

It’s never too late to start something new or pursuing your dream. Anytime is a good time, do it, go all in and don’t quit easily.

I learnt a lot during the event, mostly life inspiration from Dato Lew. Thank you so much for having me! I’ll be there to sketch more tomorrow, never try never know. Have a good weekend darlings, be there too!

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