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The spirit of creativity and innovation continue to bloom in Malaysia. This has resulted in the boom of tech startups looking to disrupt various industries. Since the Internet, and technology in general, has become an essential tool in our daily lives, any and all efforts at making daily tasks easier can change anyone’s life for the better. Errands can be accomplished much faster and finances can be managed more efficiently. Even a simple website with the right information can become invaluable to the average Malaysian. These are just some of the most useful websites in Malaysia to help you get your life in order.

Hire Freelancers and Part-Timers

A lot of time gets eaten by errands, tedious tasks and menial work. Fortunately, there are several websites dedicated to dispatching temps and part-timers to take care of minor jobs.


Employees of GoGet Malaysia are aptly called GoGetters. After all, they do cater to driven people looking for ways to get more done.

You can hire their vetted and trusted part-timers for many types of tasks and services, including administrative work like data entry, dispatch, shopping, food delivery, furniture assembly and other errands. It essentially combines several different service apps and websites into one convenient platform.

2.     EasyParcel

Established in 2014, EasyParcel quickly gained a customer base because of their integrated e-commerce shipping solutions. This website allows you to book for pick-up and delivery from multiple established courier companies in Malaysia. You can easily compare shipping rates from various companies then choose the best rate for you. Their personnel can even pick up the package from your house for your convenience.

3.     The Lorry

The Lorry is a platform providing easy access to services such as lorry transport, professional house moving, furniture disposal and office moving.

They’ve partnered with reputable and professional drivers to safely and securely move items and belongings from one place to another. Before booking a service, you can compare prices for on-demand delivery service.

Find the Best Online Services

Certain services are a dime a dozen online. While more choices can be a good thing in certain instances, it can also be a time-consuming undertaking to find a dependable company to perform the job well. Luckily, there are several review websites in Malaysia to help you narrow down the options.


Receiving a bouquet of flowers can be a pleasant surprise or a disappointing one depending on the florist you hire. Sometimes, flower arrangements don’t arrive as advertised, so be careful about choosing the right vendor.

Since online florists are time-efficient and accessible, Flower Delivery Reviews can point you to the best florists in Malaysia. The websites are ranked and reviewed, so you can be assured of only the best quality of flowers and fast delivery.


For the best cleaning services anywhere, bookmark Cleaning Service Reviewed. Cleaning services can keep your external life tidy and organised, but you need to make sure you can trust them. Cleaning Service Reviewed only lists reputable and licensed cleaning companies to give you peace of mind. Some of the websites they review also includes rating systems and performance reviews of their cleaners as further security checks.


You should only hire professional handymen to handle repair and maintenance work in your home. Otherwise, you could incur more damages and problems you initially had.

Youtube videos do not make anyone an expert in plumbing, electric jobs or carpentry. That’s why Handyman Reviewed lists and reviews only the best and most reputable handyman services in Malaysia. Better safe than sorry.


Safety is crucial in living a productive life. If you feel secure in your surroundings, you can focus on your work without worrying about your welfare. Locksmith Reviewed gives you easy access to 24/7 locksmith services available in Malaysia. You can quickly call them up in case of emergencies, for example if you get locked out of your home or vehicle. You can also count on them to install the necessary locks and bolts you need to fortify your home. This website only includes trustworthy and licensed companies worth your time and money.

Achieve Financial Freedom

The best way to get started with your goals is to manage your finances well. Unscrupulous spending and racking up a debt are usually not markers of a goal-oriented person. So, here are some websites to help you with money matters.


If you want financial freedom, you need to be a smart consumer. This includes investments as well as your choices in providers.

Compare Hero your partner in personal finance with extensive information on many different products and services, including credit cards, personal loans, even broadband providers in Malaysia. You can compare products in offer to get the best deal. All these helpful information are available for free in their consumer-friendly platform.

9.     iPrice

Another platform which helps consumer find great deals through comprehensive comparison is iPrice. This platform, however, is geared towards e-commerce sites, brands and retailers like Shopee, Zalora and Lazada. This is a helpful website for saving a few bucks with gift items, clothing, grocery items or even furniture and home décor. Online shops usually offer discounts throughout the year, so you can hold off on splurging and wait for markdowns for non-essential purchases.


Shopback makes smart shoppers out of everyone. Apart from the usual shopping websites, they also include discounts and deals from platforms such as AirBnB, HP,, Nike and Walmart.

If you register to this website, you will immediately gain access to exclusive codes and offers for fashion, food, travel and many more. According to the website, they have awarded more than USD 25 million in cashback to date!

All these websites will help you save precious time, money and mental resources so you can focus on making your dreams a reality. Help is just a click away!

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